Cocoreanu George Claudiu:    

This project changed the way I see business design, it help me understand how I see an interview and also helped me be more prepared for the moment when I step into the working market

The dynamic manner in which the activities were designed, the variety of the activities, the manner in which the facilitator made the activities engaging.
Yoana-Galiya Novakova  :       

  It was my first participation in youth exchange.It broadens my horizons in different areas and topics and push me out of comfort zone -to speak in front of group of young people .         

Also,I become more aware of the youth employment and how to write the perfect Cv and cover letter. I adore how enthusiastic the organisators were and how willing to help nevertheless the situation or the problem.The program was perfectly organised and included tones of important and interesting information .The cultural evenings were unique way to discover different nations cuisine and their folklore and dances.
Hasan Mehmet Divaroğlu :                    

After the project ı gain amazing people , new skills and new idea . this project gave me a lot of oppurtunity which is also help to apply other projects.Now ı m so happy to met new project.               

ı liked everything but especially during the project every each day ı learned a lot methods. Most of methods ı m still using in my life help to understand how to think creative and aware of the round. I learned the easy way to prepare a creative cv and I believe it will have a lot of impact on my life in the future
Mehmet Emin Akyar :

This project helped me understand different people from different countries and helped me engage with them in a way I wouldn’t have the chance to otherwise. Through the whole project, I also learned how to get to know myself and others for I could lead them to work in the most efficient and merry way to achieve the best results. I learned what I would need to do as an entrepreneur and how I would have to convey my thoughts and feelings to others in order to be successful. All I can say is, I have changed for the better. Our instructor and organising team were amazing which helped us greatly. Also, the topic was amazing and it helped me greatly.
Anna Tokarska :

It changed me because of people that I met there. I stayed in touch with them and we are friends. Everything. That project was the best organized project I’ve ever been to. Food was delicious, workshops were nice, place was beautiful and I love people that I met there.
Fran :

I learned new aproaches to solve situations in my social life, and my community. The learning part was awesome. Quality of activities was on the top level.
I grew as a person and gained a lot of knowledge
Meryem Şen :

I met different people from different country, that is effect my idea and perspective to do something. I mean, I feel more comfortable than before, I can talk about my decision, why I am thinking that… I proved myself, I can do anything if I want . I know what is the main thing for prepare cv, interview. And I want to go abroad for my education which is afraid of before, I can talk with people and I can develop myself if I push it. Interview! It was so useful and I saw myself in that. I try to explain myself in English, I tried to find solutions about my problem in the interview, it was so challenging. And also they supported us to talk each other. I really learned good things from this experience.
İrem Turan :

I got the chance to meet with beautiful people from different backgrounds and it changed my outlook on life and gave me an opportunity to learn evaluate the current conditions of youth employment in a wider perspective. I’m more open to opportunities worldwide and I feel more comfortable and confident with myself around people. I definitely enjoyed the project and I would recommend it to everyone. I think being able to communicate with other people from different countries gave me a chance to understand their culture. We discussed the problems of youth from a different perspective and I really liked that because it changed my mindset and made me more open about the situations that are going on.
Aleksandra Zuzel :

After project using the skills I learned there I found internship. Also it helped me to see that I needed a change in my life. The thing which I liked the most is the way this project was organised. It was really profesionally done. There was no time for boredom, sessions were really interesing and useful.
Triinu Trahv :

I learn so much about situations of job market in different countries and realized that we have very good opportunities in Estonia. Now I appreciate more our good oppurtunities and I’m more openminded person. It was my second time in Romania and I really love your country. I miss our project and people.

It was the greatest project I’ve ever been. It was organized very well and you did good job!! All activities were interesting and I never felt bad in there. I met so many cool people and miss you funny energizers. And of course cultural evenings were the best!! Thank you!
Meril :

The project was really helpful in order to think about the future and possible job opportunities as well as how to be prepared for them the best way possible. Given the different people from different countries it really gave an insight to the job opportunities elsewhere and it also helped me see the difficulties young people from different countries face – we had many similarities but also came across things that were different. I think the issue about jobs and employment is important among young people and therefore the project was also really important, because it gave us insight and knowledge we really needed as well as practical skills. I am positive the project helped me to understand and be more prepared and to do it with an international group is really rewarding in many ways, helping everyone think a little bit bigger and also have more possible opportunities. I liked the most that the organizational side was so well done – we had very interesting and thought-through activities regarding the subject of the project but we also had many fun things we got to do as a group, different games/teambuilding etc as well as fun international evenings – educational side and fun side were well balanced. I left with a lot of actual benefitial new knowledge and the whole experience was amazing!
Bujenita Sabin :

This project change me by helping me to believe in my self, by show me how to sell my self or self branding and the importance of a good CV. For this project I’d like that we worked in international teams with different backgrounds, I’d like the methodology and really enjoyed practice my theater skills, but most of all I like that Cristi and Cosmin take care of us really good and provide us with a good environment to learn and make new friends
Karolina :
I learnt how to use the Europass tool. Thanks to that I could finally create an appropriate CV. I liked how comprehensive it was. We had different challenges to cope with.